WITTD - Paraphrasing Practice with Information Literacy Framework from ACRL


  • Last chance to ask for extensions for the Source Reviews and Working Bibliography is today. This needs to be done by email.
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Learning and Activities for Today

The Assignment for the Source Reviews requires that you perform many complex tasks that are associated with academic research. Here is a list of a few of those tasks:

  • Find particular types of sources that are suitable for academic audiences
  • Establish the credibility of your sources (Here is a link that might help you to think about credibility: The CRAAP Test)
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the contexts that are associated with your particular historical topic and the modern day connection
  • Summarize your sources
  • Integrate and cite quoted and paraphrased material in your summaries (Here is a source that helps with integrating sources: Integrating Sources PDF
  • Evaluate the ideas, perspectives, and arguments in your source
  • Justify why you chose this particular source for this project
  • Consider key terms and form research questions
  • Class Discussion on Source Reviews and Working Bibliography

Here is one more thing that might help with your Source Reviews: A Handy, Dandy Checklist

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  • Continue to work on your Research Journal so that you can meet the deadline for this assignment! Remember that this is due in Blackboard by the end of the day on Friday. Blackboard>Content>The Research to Learn Folder>Source Reviews and Working Bibliography'