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*Keep steadily working on your 6 Prewriting Analysis Activities of Primary Source Analysis. All six activities should be done by Monday at the end of the day. Please let me know if you need an extension.

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!!How Was the Exam???
'''Question: what is the name of the genre featured above?'''


*How Was the Exam

!!Let's Get Metacognitive for a Moment

In ''Naming What We Know," Peggy O'Neill makes the argument that "it is essential for writers to learn to assess" their own writing and the writings of others (67). Let's think for a moment about that word "assessment" in the context of learning. As learners, what do we need to assess and evaluate? what do we need to monitor? Think in '''Big Picture Terms''' here.

Let's Create a List:

What are some common problems you encounter when you are in learning situations? Let's make a list:

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!!Homework for Friday

In ''NWWK,'' read section 1.1 "Writing is a Knowledge-Making Activity" by Heidi Estrem, which begins on p. 19

You will have an in-class writing assignment due on this reading on Friday! Please come prepared to answer the following questions:

What is Estrem's central idea or claim here? '''Put it in your own words!'''

*How are the 6 Prewriting and Analysis Activities on your primary source document stimulating your thinking?
*Please explain and provide one or two specific examples.
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!!How Was the Exam???
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!!Prewriting and Drafting for Writing Project 3

[[Activity 4-Liberty, Equality, and Order]]