• You all have an extension on Writing Project 2. It will be due a week from today.
  • Did everyone get the information from Dr. Myer about the assignment on social stratification?

Research and Proposal -- Writing Project 2


  • Work on your Writing Project 2 -- the Research Log Template and Your Proposal
  • Look at the section in your Gender Reader entitled to "Gender and Popular Culture" --read the short opening essay of this section so you can get an understanding of the term "popular culture." Afterwards, choose one article from this section and read it.

Feel Free to Work in Pairs on This

Take notes on the article and answer the following questions:

  • What article did you choose? Name it and the author?
  • What was the main idea or argument of this piece?
  • Did you think the author presented a valid argument?
  • How did this piece challenge or complicate your understanding of gender or the influence of popular culture.
  • Now, look over your article as a WRITER! What do you see the author doing in the article that might be useful for you to use as a mentor text?

Here are just a few possibilities:

  • How does the author approach the introduction?
  • How does the author organize the article?
  • How does the author develop ideas and create paragraphs?