Writing Into the Day -- Exam Practice

According to Heidi Estrem, "Writing is a Knowledge-Making Activity" (19).

According to Yancey, "Learning to Write Effectively Requires Different Kinds of Practice, Time, and Effort" (64).

We have also learned that to write effectively writers must write with purpose. At this moment your guiding purpose is to prepare for the upcoming history exam! Practice. Make some knowledge by using this questionnaire for Essay Question 1

  • Work individually for 10 minutes
  • You may use your book or your notes or online sources to help along.


  • I will be submitting midterm grades this week.
    • Your midterm grades is based going to based on the RA, The Midterm Portfolio Assessment, and the smaller assignments in Blackboard. It will not include your Source Reviews and Working Bibliography.
    • Your midterm will be posted in BB and SAIL.
    • Midterm grades do not go on your official transcript. They just provide a snapshot of how you are doing at a particular point in the semester.
    • If you are concerned about your grade in this course, please come see me during Office Hours!
    • Remember to rely on your Habits of Mind to stay strong for the rest of the semester:
  • Remember to maintain your Writing Portfolio. You have 180 points left on your Writing Portfolio.
  • Friday's Class -- Online Class

Learning and Activities

Finalizing Group Presentation Teams Morning Classes

Afternoon Classes

Assertion, Evidence, & Commentary

AEC Handout and Table

Let's Take a Look at this Template for the Presentations


  • Continue to study for your History Exam
  • Using the AEC handout, create one well-developed paragraph on either of the examples in the table. This is to practice the habit of making an assertion, providing evidence, and adding commentary! This should be completed by Wednesday in your Writing Portfolio.
  • Using the Template for the Presentations as guide start building your argument for your presentation! Please use the AEC method as you develop your argument!