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*Working with Bache and Hamilton Binaries
**Federalist or Republican
**The People or the Mob
**Order and Stability vs. Individual Liberties
**high born vs. low born
**populist vs. elitist
**Shocked about the French Revolution or Encouraged by the French Revolution
**Outraged at Jay's Treaty or Supported Jays' Treaty
**Fear of too powerful government or Fear of the people
**Supported the Sedition Act of 1798 (once passed) or Supported Freedom of Speech and the Press
**Yellow fever or Duel
**Supported John Adams or a Critic of John Adams
**The Aurora or The Federalist Papers
**protect liberty or protect property

**[[ | Short Hamilton Film]]
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!!Happy October 0399


*'''On Wednesday -- we will come to 1302 as usual. However, for 0399, we will be meeting in the library.'''

!!Reading Strategies Workshop

!!Midterm Portfolio for 0399 Prewriting Check

*show me your work


'''Continue working on your midterm portfolio for 0399'''