• Okay, I encourage you to go this event (see postcard above)! It features two amazing faculty members: Dr. Araiza, a sociologist and Professor Marquez, a historian.

Conversations about Gender?

NWWK Journal and APA - Round II

  • Practice and Revision with APA - students were given time to look at my comments in Bb about this journal. Then they went about the task of revising their entries to make them better.
  • Students were asked to submit their revisions to a new journal --NWWK Round 2. This is due by midnight tonight.

Fausto-Sterling's "The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough"

  • Let's look at her paragraph structure by thinking about the following ideas:
    • Development
    • T.E.A -- Topic, Evidence, Analysis
  • Questions:
    • What is the purpose of the first two paragraphs in this article?
    • Look at the 3rd paragraph and see if it follows the basic T.E.A. formula.
    • Where is the thesis sentence in this article?


  • Students should submit their revisions to a new journal --NWWK Round 2. This is due by midnight tonight.

In class today, we visited Credo Reference, a database at TAMUCC Library. We learned a little about this website. It's a great place to get quick, accurate, credible information on a huge variety of topics. It's like a reliable version of Wikipedia. We searched under the word "gender." Our search yielded over 200,000 results!

Your homework is to revisit Credo and conduct a search on gender again. Scan over the topics presented on gender. Select a few that catch your attention. The idea here is to get a broader understanding of the different angles and approaches scholars have taken in their investigation of gender.

You don't need to write anything. Just come to class ready to TALK about your observations.