Writing Into the Day - Start the Writing Process for Your Midterm Portfolio.

Prewriting Activity


  • Morning Sections, hopefully, you have your papers - printed, polished, and ready to go for Dr. Wooster's Class. (Or, you have made arrangements for an extension).
  • Afternoon Sections, hopefully, you turned that sucker (the rhetorical analysis) in today right at the stroke of 10:00 and now you feel a great sense of relief! Maybe, not so much for those folks who asked for an extension!
  • On October 11th, we will be combining Seminar and Composition Classes and meeting in the LIC2? - room 216A in the Library! The awesome TAMUCC librarians will be showing us the ins and outs of using the library and its resources!
    • Morning Folks -This means that the 8:00 comp and seminar folks will be able to sleep a little bit longer because we are not holding the 8:00 classes. EVERYONE (Comp and Seminar) SHOULD SHOW UP FOR THE 9:00 class at 9:00 sharp in the Libary!
    • Afternoon Folks -This means that the 1:00 comp and seminar folks will be able to "skip" their 1:00 class. EVERYONE (Comp and Seminar) SHOULD SHOW UP FOR THE 12:00 class at 12:00 sharp in the Libary!

Learning & Activities for Today ---Switching Gears

Let's Talk Shop -- Research Project, The Rhetorical Situation Project, and YOUR TOPIC!

  • Research to Learn Project
  • The Assignment Schematic
  • Topic tips
    • Choose a topic that you find interesting!
    • Choose a topic that will help you prepare for Exam II or Exam III.
    • Choose a topic that have a variety of primary sources associated with it.
    • Key Ideas From History
    • notions of citizenship
      • war;
      • power and oppression;
      • resistance and revolt;
      • equality, liberty, and order
      • how writing has made things happen.
  • Look at your History Syllabus and Contending Voices
  • Topic Possibilities -List 1 -- adapted from Professor Marquez
  • Topic Possibilities - List 2


  • Write:Your homework is take the Writing Into the Day Prewriting Activity and turn at least one of the SLOs? into 2 full paragraphs of material.
    • This assignment is due in Blackboard at midnight on October 9.
    • Look at Content in the Writing Portfolio Folder
  • READ:Authority is Constructed and Contextual from the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.
  • READ: In NWWK the section that begins on p.48, "Writing Enacts Identities and Ideologies.''

Both of these readings are a bit tricky! I would take notes and maybe formulate a few questions about this text!