Thursday, April 20th

(.250 Composition: 8:00-9:15)
1.James and Arianna
2.Chris, Andrea, Hunter
3.Katherine, Jessica, Erica
4.Alyssa and Katerra (May bump to Seminar)

(.250 Seminar: 10:00-10:50)

5.Anna, Audrey, Paloma
6.Gregg, Madison, Noah
7.Karla, Kelsey, Krystal

Thursday, April 20th
(.251 Composition: 9:30-10:45)
1.Kevin and Marissa
2.Nik, Joshua, Gavin, Madison
3.Victor, Hannah, Matt D.
4.Jaime, Dillion, James (May bump to Seminar)

(.251 Seminar 12:00-12:50)
5.Sarah and Cynthia
6.Jake, Justin, Matt O.
7.Victoria, Nancy, Matt S.

Regarding attendance for Presentation Days, come to class

  • Missing class on your day to present will result in a zero.
  • Missing class on a day when you are acting as an audience for your peers will result in a 10% deduction from your presentation grade.
  • Here is what it will look like: Your B would morph into a C.
  • I can, of course, work with you in the event of a true catastrophe or problem. However, you will need to provide university-approved documentation.