Here were the Common Problems with this Assignment

Missing the Point of the Assignment Problem

  • Some of you turned in a document that was more a report on your research topic. This was not what the Writing Project 3 Proposal was asking you to do. Consequently, you probably did not make a very high grade. Reading the assignment directions, attending class, and asking questions about assignments can really help you to avoid this kind of situation!
  • Looking on the brighter side, students who made this mistake probably has some excellent content for the Academic Presentations.

Introductions Problems

  • did not highlight the idea that writers must consider the rhetorical situation and make decisions about purpose, audience, and genre.
  • did not provide enough context with a specific time frame or backstory to help the reader understand what was going to follow.
  • did not have a definitive thesis statement or statements that provided a "blueprint" for the rest of the paper!

Purpose Problems

  • was not presented in a clear, explicit way, such that the reader had to piece together the purpose
  • not enough logical reasoning provided
  • not enough context provided for readers
  • writer made assumptions that readers would understand and know about topic instead of spelling out
  • no evidence was provided to support claims


  • did not describe the features and conventions of the genre
  • did not describe some of the limitations of the genre


  • some writers identified a specific male or female audience, which was problematic in many cases
  • For example, I just want female nursing students to get this information on Clara Barton in this brochure! What is problematic about this?


  • Weak or not present
  • did not revisit the choices for audience, purpose, and genre