Group Research Presentations on April 20th and April 25th for in-class presentations and on April 27th for First Year Research Conference.

Using the work and research done for Writing Project 2, students will create a formal academic presentation in groups. Groups may elect to submit conference proposals for First Year Research Conference. Those who get accepted will present at the conference.

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This is an integrated assignment that counts as a major grade in all of the Learning Community classes. It counts for 200 points in 1302!

Each presenter should strive to do the following:

  • Present a strong oral presentation that is backed up high quality academic research
  • Present a strong PowerPoint that is supported by high quality academic research
  • Present strong and compelling visual rhetoric to support overall thesis of the project

Individual Presentations (4 to 6 minutes long)

  • Introduction with Key Research Question and Thesis Statement
  • Historical Context
    • Should demonstrate a thorough and informed understanding of the topic
    • Should cite scholarly sources throughout to lend credibility and authority to the presentation
    • Should help the audience to get a good, general understanding to the times, events, and social customs that affected your topic
  • Argument
    • Should have a specific, focused structure
    • Should be supported by strong reasoning and supported with evidence from scholarly sources
    • Should incorporate a primary source document
    • Should address why this historical topic is significant for modern audiences by positing its connection or relationship to a modern-day issue.
      • Should demonstrate an informed understanding of the modern-day issue
      • Should provide the audience with some context information about the modern-day issue and cite at least one source
  • Conclusion -- Wrap it up by being catchy and thought-provoking and inspiring! Challenge your audience to do something to make a difference!
  • Works Cited -- don't forget the Works Cited!