The first activity you will do for this Unit of Study is to formally choose your topic of research for the rest of the semester. The common academic genre used for this purpose is the research proposal. It is a brief piece of writing that provides specific information about the scope and focus of a research project. Many researchers use the genre of the research proposal to get funding and approval for their research.

Thinking about this writing as a rhetorical situation, your job as rhetor is to convince your audience that your chosen topic has been selected thoughtfully and intentionally and that this topic merits further academic scrutiny and attention. As always, you will need provide your audience with contextual information about this topic.

The tone of this piece of writing should be formal and academic. You will need to name your topic and identify how this topic complements or supports the content you have been learning in Dr. Wooster’s Class – the lecture and the readings. Specifically, you need to offer some commentary on how your topic connects to the broad themes of Liberty, Equality, and Order.

You should also inform your audience why you have chosen this topic. Why does it interest you? Why do you find it compelling? What personal connections do you have to this topic?

Please name the primary source document you have found for this project. You should also come up with 3 research questions for this project.

Finally, you should include some discussion of how you see this topic and the accompanying primary source document connecting to the issues and topics we are encountering in today's world.

Nuts and Bolts –Approximately one page long .

Due Date: Bring hard copy to class on October 10th.