Reflect on your Research Process (Habit of Mind: Metacognition)

Write a reflection in which you discuss your research process and evolution. Questions to consider as you compose this reflection:

  • What are the differing perspectives represented in your research? (For example: Federalists, Anti-Federalists, etc.)
  • What article, or part of an article, was the most interesting to you? What fascinating information did you learn?
  • What were the challenges you faced during this research process? How did you overcome these challenges?
  • What steps did you follow to find your information?
  • How has your view of American History changed as result of your research? (Here think about your research topic! It's a part of American History)

In addition to answering these questions, I would like you to work with 2 of the 6 frames from the Framework for Information Literacy: Authority is Constructed!'

Please reflect on how this frame has impacted your research process and thinking about information literacy by selecting 2 Knowledge Practices and 2 Dispositions from each Frame. Please use the ideas in the framework to make connections to the following:

  • Your Research Process
  • The wider world outside the walls of the classroom and academia and information needs in the 21st century

Here is the link for the frame:

Authority is Constructed and Contextual

Follow MLA conventions in formatting your essay.

This reflection should be 3 to 4 pages long.