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*[[Attach:Sourcerevsam.docx | Here is a sample of one source review ]]
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!!Sample Documents

*[[Attach:Samrepro.docx | Sample Research Proposal]] Everyone needs to do some revision work on his/her proposal. Use the the sample here as a mentor text to spark thinking about how you can revise your own document. [=DO NOT COPY WORDS OR IDEAS FROM THE SAMPLE. RATHER, USE THE DOCUMENT TO SPARK THINKING!=]

*Starting on your Source Reviews: [[!!!Source Reviews]]
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*[[ | Research and Writing About History -Research Questions]]
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*[[Library Visit Recap]]

*[[Google Like a Boss]]

*[[Attach:Craptest2.pdf | The Crap Test]]

*[[|Learning Community E Lib Guide]]

*[[Famous Early American Orators]]

*[[ | Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education]]