The Research to Learn Project

For this project, you will be learning how to access, assess, store, and use information for a variety of purposes, such as researching to learn more about the activities of writing and participating in academic discourse communities. Of course, you will also be learning more about American history!

You will choose a historical topic (an event, a person, or a concept) from Early America through 1865 to research.

Your research goal here is to eventually develop an argument relying on primary and secondary sources, demonstrating how this topic is important/relevant for modern audiences by making a modern-day connection to your topic.

You will keep a record of your research activities in a Research Journal. The journal is meant to help you retain information concerning your research, to help you examine your research process, and to help you move from questions to answers. At the end of the day, this journal is simply a log to help you keep track of the information you find throughout the semester.

The research you conduct on writing and your historical topic will provide you with the raw materials you will need for The Rhetorical Situation Project.

The Research To Learn Project Assignment Sheet

AssignmentDue DatePoints
The Topic/Research ProposalOct. 13th20
The Source Reviews and BibliographyOct. 27th160
The Group ProposalNov. 6th20