The Articles of Confederation:

  • What was this document?
  • What purpose did it serve?
  • How did this document protect against tyranny from a national government?
  • Was it a strong or weak?
  • What were some of the accomplishments of the Articles?
  • What were some weaknesses or limitations of this document?
  • What caused Shay's Rebellion and what was the significance of this rebellion?
    • Where was did this happen?
    • What happened?

How did the Articles give way to the Constitution?

The Ratification Process for the Constitution: Federalists and Anti-Federalists

Simple Video on the Articles

Crash Course on The Constitution, The Articles, and Federalism

Feds and Anti-Feds in Five Minutes

Constitutional Compromises

  • Federalists - who were they? What did they stand for?
    • Federalists Papers
  • Anti-federalists -who were they? What did they stand for?
  • What were the compromises?
    • 3/5 compromise
    • Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan
    • The Great Compromise

Interpreting the Constitution - Federalists and Republicans

Jeffersonians (Republicans) & Hamiltonians (Federalists)

Where US Politics Came From: Crash Course

Article 1, Section 8

10th Amendment

  • Alexander Hamilton's Ideas --Strong and Elite/Trade & Mercantilism & Manufacturing/Close Ties with Britain
    • 5 point plan
  • Jefferson's Ideas --Agrarian ideal/preferred France/More free speech/more democracy/freedom & equality
    • 4 point plan
  • Whiskey Rebellion
  • Jay Treaty
  • Alien & Sedition Act - very unpopular/Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions (states asserting their rights)