Searching As Strategic Exploration -- Reflection on Research

In creating your Research to Learn Project and your Group Presentations, you had to gather and process and store information to suit your information needs and the rhetorical situation in which you were writing. Consider the following questions:

  • What challenges did you face? How did you persist in your information challenges?
    • What strategies did you employ to find the best and most suitable information for your purposes?
    • Characterize some of your first attempts at research? What happened? Did you get adequate or good results? Did you have any research fiascos?
  • Evaluate your own abilities for mental flexibility and creativity for this project?
  • How did you find the information you needed?
  • How did you handling reading materials that were long or difficult to read?
  • What evidence can you provide from your Writing Portfolio to support the claims you are making? Please provide some evidence!

Create one piece of polished reflection in response to these questions. This reflection should be comprised of at least 2 paragraphs (500 words minimum).

  • Remember that part of your job is to set some context and "set the scene" to help readers "re-live" the experience of your research with you.
  • As you reflect on your research process, try to figure what you learned about yourself and conducting research at the college level.
  • Wherever possible, use the Assertion, Evidence, and Commentary idea.
  • Be detailed and specific!

I will use this piece of writing specifically as for part of the final evaluation for your Writing Portfolio at the end of the semester.

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