Week 4 is All About Working with the Writing Process for the Critical Analysis


  • Everyone should make use of my office hours and the Writing Center to get help with the Critical Analysis and for help preparing for the History Exam.
  • My office hours are Mondays and Thursdays from 12:00 to 2:00.
  • Your First Rough Draft is due on Sept. 19th. You will need a printed hard copy in class. Do not show up late because you had to print. We will be having peer review during this class period. YOU MUST HAVE A FULLY EVOLVED DRAFT TO WORK ON IN CLASS.

Prewriting and Moving on to Drafting

Up to this point we have been doing what is called Prewriting for this assignment. Remember that prewriting is any type of writing or thinking that you do before you start actually drafting out your essay!

Time for a Reflection

The question is have you done enough reading, thinking, and prewriting for this assignment to start drafting? What have you done outside of homework to get a handle on the idea of rhetorical analysis and the rhetorical situation? How much have you wrestled with the meaning of the primary source document?

Group Thesis Work

  • We will spend the last portion of class presenting our working thesis statements. This is how everyone will earn their participation points for the day.

Working With a Writing Process for the Critical Analysis


  • Keep working on your Critical Analysis --- your goal is to put together a rough draft for September 19th.
  • Use your Working Thesis Statement as a guide for you draft.
  • Keep studying and preparing for the History Exam.

0399 for Week Four