Writing Into Day

  • Our Writing into the Day Activity will be tied to our Reading Discussion. See below.


  • The Constitution in the 21st Century: A faculty discussion panel commemorating Constitution Day, 2017 
    • 2‐4 PM, UC Bayview Room 320 
    • Monday, Sept 18, 2017 

(Go to this event, do some writing and thinking about the Constitution, observe how the Constitution served to mediate activity, how the Constitution was and is social and rhetorical in nature. Put the evidence in your Writing Portfolio -- you can use it to show something for Habits of Mind or meeting the Student Learning Outcomes or getting a better understanding of the threshold concepts.)

  • Questions, comments, concerns

Learning and Lessons for the Day

Most of today's class will be spent working on the Readings for Today's class. The activity is designed to help you gain experience and learning with the following:

Reading Discussion on NWWK

Section 241 (8:00)

Section 240 (9:00)

Section 244 (12:00)

Section 245 (1:00)


Read Ch. 4 for Friday

Be Prepared to Discuss the Following on Monday:

  • Jonathan Sewell and his background
  • John Adams and his background
  • According to Sewall's, what was the wicked problem of his day?
  • What what was the wicked problem, according to Adam's perspective?
  • What views did the Tories hold?
  • What views did the Whigs hold?
  • What are some ways the events in Ch. 4 tie to our Key Ideas from History: these ideas include notions of citizenship; war; power and oppression; resistance and revolt; equality, liberty, and order; and how writing has made things happen.

Write --Your choice about what you want to write about! You can opt to study for your History Quiz. You can do some work defining rhetoric terms. You can write on Ch. 4 in CV. You can do some reflecting on college life. Please put what ever you write in your writing portfolio. Label the document with a descriptive title (i.e., History quiz study or Ch. 4 Notes or Reflection on Sep. 13)

Study for the History quiz