Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Have you ever heard of the expression --"That's just the tip of the Iceberg?'''

Look at how much of an iceberg is visible above the water line and notice how much bulk is sitting below the water line. Thinking metaphorically, let's use the formation of the iceberg to consider the way you do school. The tip of the iceberg should represent the time you spend in class. The portion of the iceberg that sits below the water line should represent what you are doing outside of class. Let me know what is going on with your iceberg? How much time are you spending on history and composition each day and/or per week? Are you being systematic in your approach to studying?

Iceberg Reflection

Write about what is going with your classwork outside of class? What strategies are you using to complete assignments and prepare for exams and quizzes.

Let's Practice Building Context

Question 1 for History Exam 1

Question 2 for History Exam 1

Question 3 for History Exam 1

Question 4 for History Exam 1


  • In preparation for the Reading Quiz for Ch.4 --You need to bring you Contending Voices book and EVIDENCE THAT YOU USED ACTIVE READING STRATEGIES TO UNDERSTAND AND WORK WITH THIS TEXT!!!. You will need to formally articulate what your reading strategy is and why you chose it. You also will need to formally identify areas of confusion that you might have.
    • You can do this in any number of ways!
      • Annotating the text -- writing in the margins, asking questions of the text, using sticky notes, highlighting using some sort of color coding system
      • Creating a Mind Map or Cluster Map
      • Drawing pictures and symbols to represent the text
      • Good old-fashioned notes
      • '''Your READING GUIDE
  • Continue working on the Critical Analysis and continue preparing for your History Exam