• Everyone should have a printed hard copy draft ready to turn in. But hold on to it for right now!
  • How have your Writing Center Visits been going?
  • Let's Take a Quick Quiz on the Rhetorical Terms

Let's Think a Moment About a Few of the Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate their ability to analyze different rhetorical situations (in academic, workplace, or civic contexts),
  2. Demonstrate their ability to use their analyses of rhetorical situations to identify options and to make appropriate choices that will enable them to use writing to achieve specific purposes,
  3. Demonstrate their ability to locate, read, evaluate, select and use (integrate) effectively information from appropriate sources with their own


  1. Demonstrate control of situation-appropriate conventions of writing,
  2. Explain what they have learned from being a novice in new writing situations, and describe how these experiences, which might include failure, contribute to their willingness to accept new challenges as a writer,

Let's Reflect on these Two Ideas:

  • Demonstrate control of situation-appropriate conventions of writing, --what does this mean????
  • Consider your willingness to accept new challenges as a writer -- for many of you that is going to mean REBRANDING YOURSELVES

Let's Work on Those Pesky Conventions (aka APA)


Read the Huffington Post Article here: Rosea Lake Photo

After you have read this article, I would like you to write a reading response for this article and the photo, making connections the main ideas in the Lorber essay in your Gender Reader. In your reading response, cite both the Huffington Post article and the Lorber piece. Also, create a reference page for these two sources. Use the PowerPoint and OWL PURDUE to help you out.

  • In your response, you should include one direct quote with a signal phrase and one paraphrase with proper citation for APA.

Practice APA -- in another words.

This Journal is due before class on Tuesday! Turn it in to Blackboard Journals