Writing Into Day

  • Write one specific thing you need help on with the Rhetorical Analysis Project.
  • Write one specific thing that you have done for the Rhetorical Analysis Project that shows you are a intellectual agent who can take charge of your own learning!


  • The Constitution in the 21st Century: A faculty discussion panel commemorating Constitution Day, 2017 
    • 2‐4 PM, UC Bayview Room 320 
    • Monday, Sept 18, 2017 

(Go to this event, do some writing and thinking about the Constitution, observe how the Constitution served to mediate activity, how the Constitution was and is social and rhetorical in nature. Put the evidence in your Writing Portfolio -- you can use it to show something for Habits of Mind or meeting the Student Learning Outcomes or getting a better understanding of the threshold concepts.)

  • Kudos to those of you who made it to Supplemental Instruction! I think it will really help with the Quiz and the Exams in History! Keep going!

Learning and Lessons for the Day

Class Activity with Ch. 4 in Contending Voices

Google Docs Prewriting Table for the Rhetorical Analysis

  • Please make a copy of this document to work with in your own folder. This should be your own individual copy
  • The link I have provided had been made public to all my four sections. In order to make it your own individual copy, you will need to MAKE A COPY in you Writing Portfolio Folder and rename the folder.
  • Here are the instructions for making a copy:
    • Open the link
    • Click on file
    • Click on make a copy
    • Look at the window that pops up for 2 things: naming the file and designating the folder.
      • Rename the file for you
      • Designate My Drive to get the document out of the public space.
  • Before we get started, let's look at my sample: Sample Rhetorical Analysis for Richard Frethorne Primary Source Document


  • Fill out the table for the Rhetorical Analysis with as much detail as you can. This is due on Monday, September 18th. You should, of course, put in your Writing Portfolio Folder!

Once you have done this work, you can start thinking about how you are going to organize this material into fully developed paragraphs for your essay.

Your goal is to have a full draft of your paper by Friday, September 22nd. This means you need to do a lot of thinking and writing in the next several days.

Don't wait for me to tell you exactly what to do! Come see me during office hours or go to the Writing Center to get help!