Happy Friday

Announcements and Looking Ahead to Week 5

  • September 19th --We will be formally writing up Question #4 on the Essay Exam in preparation for the History Exam. Bring your Lecture Notes and Your history books on this day.
    • Remember you are going to think of the Exam Essay as its own rhetorical situtation:
      • Your Audience is Dr. Wooster and the community of historians
      • Your purpose is to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge about the topics in the prompt as they relate to what you have been reading in your textbooks and the information you have gathered from the lectures.
  • Your Critical Analysis Rough Draft is Due on Wednesday You need to bring a printed, stapled copy to class on Wednesday to turn in to me. You will also need to have access to an electronic version of the draft for the Peer Review. I can't accept these late, per LC E Policy!
  • September 23rd - History Exam Day! No Writing and Rhetoric Class on this day. However, you will have to do an online assignment. We will have class on 0399!

Today is Writer's Workshop

Everyone should be working on drafting! I will hold mini-conferences with each of you about your draft.

  • Introduction
  • Thesis
  • Main points to support my thesis
  • Evidence to back up my main points
  • Integrating and Citing Sources


Week Four