Everyone should be scheduling their visits for the Writing Center!

Welcome to Week 5 - Test Practice!

Okay, this morning we broke down question 4 as a class! Now, let's practice taking the exam. You have 30 minutes to write out an answer to Question #4. No notes just the question! Question 4 for History Exam 1.

End-O-Class Reflection

  • What did you find challenging about writing this essay?
  • What did you learn about yourself and your preparation for the exam up to this point?
  • If you are having some problems with test prep, what are you going to do about it? That is, how are going to address this challenge/problem?


  • EXAM PREP: REVISE the essay you wrote today. Once you do this, write a "backwards outline." In other words, outline the final version of your essay. Make sure nothing's missing. Study the outline. That's what you'll want to have at the ready when you walk into the exam. Do this for ALL of the possible essay questions.