Writing Into the Day - Make some connections to the Lamott piece.

  • What are your anxieties about writing?
  • What are some anxieties about writing that Lamott discusses in her "Shitty First Drafts"?
  • Did Lamott's message help in any way with your writing process?


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  • The Writing Center - let's get everyone to sign up for their Writing Center account.

Learning and Activities for the Day

  • Let's Review
  • Writing Process:
    • We have done some prewriting with note taking and filling out the Rhetorical Analysis table
    • Drafting ---Everyone should now be drafting the essay
      • Working Thesis
      • The Claim

The Assignment Sheet for the Rhetorical Analysis

The Rhetorical Analysis and Writing for an Academic Audience

  • Citation Talk
    • What is citation?
    • Why cite?
    • Where does citation happen?
    • What information do you need for in-text citation?
    • What information do you need for the Works Cited?
    • The Signal Phrase and the Shout Out
      • The Direct Quote --According to Lunsford, "Writing is both relational and responsive" (20).
      • The Paraphrase ---According to Lunsford, writing is an activity that is part of a conversation with other people (20).
  • How to cite if you don't use a signal phrase! Citation information goes at the end of the sentence parenthetically.
  • Example: It has been noted that "Writing is both relational and responsive" (Lunsford 20).
    • Citing an indirect source and working with primary sources.
    • Parenthetical Information and Punctuation.
  • Citation Practice
  • Writing Project 1 - MLA Guide
  • Citation Help https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/


Rough Draft of the Rhetorical Analysis is due!

Turn-In Protocol for the Rhetorical Analysis First Draft on 9/22 in a hard copy (paper). Turn in the Rhetorical Analysis First Draft to your Composition Instructor (ME). Be prepared to work on the Draft from your Writing Portfolio in class that day for Peer Review.