Working with the Conventions of Academic Writing -- Citation and Integrating Sources

Feedback on the "Skirt Length Photo" Journal

Thoughts about Your Rhetorical Analysis Assignment

  • Remember that this assignment asks you to analyze an ad using a particular analytical frame or lens ---rhetorical analysis to come to some conclusions about how the ad uses gender and how the ad tries to be persuasive. As you go about the task of rhetorical analysis, you can simply and methodically breakdown and consider the following elements:
  • the text (that is, the commercial or ad itself) -- You must provide a solid description of the text so that your reader can follow and understand the argument.
  • the rhetor and the rhetor's purpose
  • the rhetor's strategies for achieving the purpose and the appeals
    • ethos (credibility)
    • pathos (emotion)
    • logos (logic, facts, figures)
  • the intended audience

As you analyze each element listed above, you are looking for opportunities to understand how gender is being constructed and used to promote a product. It's your goal to come up with a theory or a claim for this. This is your thesis! Thesis Statement Sample


  • Keep revising and drafting on your Rhetorical Analysis! Your Final Draft is due one Week from Today! For every visit to the Writing Center, up to 3 visits, I will add 3 points to your grade on the Rhetorical Analysis.
  • In Naming What We Know, read Sections 4.3 and 4.4. You will need to write up a brief response to each section by answering the following questions for each section:
    • What is the main idea that is being presented? Explain it. Provide one direct quote with a signal phrase that conveys the main idea with proper APA citation.
    • Each author of these sections posit that these concepts can be difficult to understand. What are the problems associated with this concept. Paraphrase and cite the author as you answer this.