What Habits of Mind are you drawing on to prepare for the History Exam and to improve your Rhetorical Analysis Draft?

Writing Into the Day -- Practice for Exam 1 -- History Exam 1 - Essay Prompt 2


  • Here is the Key to the Rhetoric and Citation Quiz. I have graded the quizzes and put them in the BB grade book. For those of you who were absent, you will need to find a way to make up for this quiz. You should visit with me during office hours to discuss possibilities.
  • MLA Formatting Checklist -- you will need to complete this checklist just prior to turning in your Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft. This table should be completed by October 5th and put into your Writing Portfolio.
  • Writing Portfolios
    • Everyone should have a WP folder in Google drive that has been shared with me.
    • Every document in the portfolio should be named with a descriptive title and the date.
    • Maintain Your Portfolio!
  • At this point in time, I have looked at and commented on everyone's portfolio from sections 240, 241, and 245. I still need to make a comprehensive sweep through 244.
  • Hispanic Heritage Events
    • Monday 9/25/17- Hispanic Films Series - The Spanish Program will screen the film, Un Cuento Chino, at 7pm in UC Anchor 147 A
    • Tuesday 9/26/17
      • Unschooled: How Culture Shapes Food (lunch presentation) - 12pm to 1pm in UC Lonestar 142 A
      • Read-A-Thon - The Spanish Program will have their annual Read-a-thon in the Faculty Center Atrium from 12:30pm to 1:45pm
      • Health Fair - 9am to 12:30pm in the Dugan Gym
      • South Texas Colonia Initiative Presentation - 6pm to 7pm in Bell Library (2nd floor in front of archives)
    • Wednesday 9/27/17- Setting Fire to La Frontera - 6pm to 8pm in UC Lonestar 142 A (Pride Alliance Event)
    • Thursday 9/28/17- Spanish Teachers Panel - 6pm to 8pm in UC Oso 221

Learning and Activity for Today

Let's Talk about Sign posting and Topic Sentences: Examples of Sign posting and Topic Sentences


Read this Handout from the University of Chapel Hill on Revision

Write --Start the revision process NOW! Look at your essay critically to determine what your revision priorities are! Use the Examples of Sign posting and Topic Sentences to add in some of your own topic sentences and sign posts!

  • If at this point, you are still struggling with the concept of rhetorical analysis and the rhetorical situation: SEEK HELP!
  • If at this point, you are still struggling with materials in Ch. 4 and making sense of the primary source document: SEEK HELP!

Study for the History Exam