• Extra Credit Opportunity --- Watch the debate tonight between the two presidential candidates and write a reflection about the how each candidate used rhetoric -- language and perhaps body language.
    • What did you notice about HOW each candidate tried to persuade the audience.
    • What did you see in the way of Logos, Pathos, Ethos?
    • Where there any Ad Hominem attacks???
  • Bring in a hard copy 1 to 2 page reflection in to class on Wednesday for extra credit.
  • Everyone should have access to their drafts electronically on Wednesday for 1302 . We will be working on a "color-coding" exercise and editing this document.
  • Keep Revising and Revising!!!

Let's Keep Working with the Idea of the Rhetorical Situation

Obama's Decision to Cite a Little Boy's Letter

Here is the scenario:

Last week Obama presenting a speech at the U.N. (United Nations) cites the letter of a young boy. Let's look at Obama's use of the boy's letter as rhetorical act to help us understand the rhetorical situation.

Who is the rhetor?

Who is the audience?

Why does he use the little boy's letter in his speech? What is his purpose for using the letter?

What is the rhetor trying to accomplish with this rhetorical act?

How does the rhetor make use of ethos, pathos, and logos by using this letter???

What some important elements of context that help us to understand what is going with this rhetorical situation?

  • Say, for instance, is it important to know when Obama was born and where he went to college to be able to understand what is going with this rhetorical situation?
  • What are the critical events associated with this rhetorical situation??


Keep working on your Critical Analysis! Make certain that you are focusing on the primary source document by examining its rhetorical situation in your Critical Analysis.