Welcome to Week 6


  • Everyone who turned in a draft should have gotten some comments over the weekend via email. I will hand back your drafts with more comments. Please get to work revising!
  • Everyone should have access to their drafts electronically on Wednesday for 1302 . We will be working on a "color-coding" exercise and editing this document.

Reflection: What is a paragraph? Why do writers use paragraphs? How do paragraphs help to convey information and meaning to an audience?

Looking ahead to the Next Unit of Instruction: Writing Project 2 - Research and Information Literacy Portfolio

  • We need to start thinking about our next big writing project (and the rest of the semester) now that the Critical Analysis is starting to wind down. The rest of the semester will be spent researching and writing about a historical topic of your choosing, per instructor approval. Your goal is to discover through writing and research how the ideals of liberty, equality, and order influenced the people and situations associated with your topic.

Peer Review Round 2

Meeting Minimum Requirements

  • Paper must be 3 full pages long. Papers that do not meet this minimum requirement will not be eligible for any grade higher than a 70.


  • Be certain to either paraphrase or quote source materials and cite them properly. Some of you are USING THE EXACT LANGUAGE IN ''CONTENDING VOICES'' BUT YOU ARE NOT PUTTING QUOTATION MARKS AROUND THIS INFORMATION. This is a form of plagiarism!!!!

Integrating and Citing Sources

  • Please only quote one sentence at a time.
  • Use signal phrasing
    • According to Hollitz ....
    • Las Casas states, ...
  • You must cite both Hollitz and the primary source document. See the MLA guide. Use the MLA guide.
  • Use the idea of the source sandwich when citing and integrating a quote or a paraphrase. See the following source: Quotation Sandwich


  • What should you talk about in your conclusion, given the fact that you are writing about a particular primary source document and looking at its rhetorical situation???????
  • What did you do in your conclusion? What was your strategy for this last part of your paper? What did you do?

Formatting and Conventions

  • How do you punctuate titles of books and other larger works in-text and on the Works Cited page?
    • You Italicize
    • Example: Contending Voices: Biographical Explorations of the American Past
  • How do you punctuate titles of articles and other shorter works in-text and on the Works Cited page?
    • "Article Title"


  • Choose one online source to help you learn about paragraphs. This online source must come from a .org or .edu website. Read up on paragraphs.
  • Choose one paragraph to revise from your paper. Make certain that this paragraph has a quote in it from either Hollitz or the primary source document. Make certain your paragraph has a topic sentence that is focused on the rhetorical analysis.
  • Bring this paragraph to class on Wednesday! Hard copy!


Week Six