Writing Into the Day -- Making Modern Day Connections!

In Source 2 - "Jonathan Sewall Offers a Defense of British Authority," Sewall characterizes someone who obeys the law and follows the rules and leaders as "a true Patriot" (69). Do you agree with Sewall's definition? What modern-day connections can you make to the idea of patriotism? Also, how do YOU define what it means to be patriotic?


  • Friday - In lieu of a face-to-face class on Friday, you will need to complete an online assignment in Blackboard. This assignment will be posted in the Rhetorical Analysis Project Folder under the Content Link (see the sidebar) in Blackboard. It will be due by Sunday, Oct. 1st, at midnight. No late work will be accepted and the assignment will be set to disappear at midnight. It will be worth 10 points. You should, of course, also have a copy of this work in your Writing Portfolio.
  • Friday, I will hold class to hand back drafts and to meet with students individually about the drafts. Everyone can stop by to pick up their drafts during class or come to my office to pick them up from 11 to 12. From 12 to 2, I will be in CCH 210 for the afternoon classes. You can stop by at this time to pick up drafts and to consult with me!
  • Students who are not able to pick up their drafts or have a consultation with should make alternate arrangements with me to meet about during office hours or to arrange a telephone conference .
  • MLA Formatting Checklist -- you will need to complete this checklist just prior to turning in your Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft. This table should be completed by October 5th and put into your Writing Portfolio.
  • Hispanic Heritage Events
    • Wednesday 9/27/17- Setting Fire to La Frontera - 6pm to 8pm in UC Lonestar 142 A (Pride Alliance Event)
    • Thursday 9/28/17- Spanish Teachers Panel - 6pm to 8pm in UC Oso 221

Learning and Activity for Today

Revision Tips

  • In general, people need to cite more often in-text, especially when discussing the historical context.
  • Remember that YOU the writer bears the burden of proof for substantiating any and all claims that you make in your essay. This means providing reasons and evidence for substantiation!
  • Be specific with your language and NIX the tendency to say sentences that are super general!
  • Make certain to contextualize each and every quote from the Primary source document, so that your readers can understand the flow of the text.
  • You must carefully, carefully read the primary source document to understand the author's purpose and how he was trying to achieve that purpose.
  • You must carefully, carefully read the essay by Hollitz to understand the historical context!


  • Study and Revise!
  • Remember that Writing is a knowledge-making activity! Use writing to make knowledge about his tory and rhetorical situations!