• Library visit next week
  • Critical Analysis is due at the beginning of class on Friday in Large Lecture. Remember Late Work will not be accepted, per Learning Community E's policy. This means you must be prepared for printer failures and other snafus. This can be done by printing out your final document on Thursday. Do not wait till Friday morning to get it done. That is cutting it too close. You must prepare for your success!

The Writing Process for the Critical Analysis is coming to a Close!

  • Remember that this writing project began several weeks ago with an assignment description and a chapter in Contending Voices. Since then, you have gone through a full-fledged writing process:
    • Prewriting- the reading, thinking, and writing that you do before you start drafting.
    • Drafting -- After prewriting, comes drafting and perhaps more prewriting.
    • Revising-- Once you had a draft down, it was time to start looking at again with revising. This was done with the help of your peers and Professor Burnett and the Writing Center. Revising entails drafting and re-drafting and rethinking. You might even do some prewriting at this point.
    • Editing--At some point in the process, you have to shift away from the revising mode and embrace editing. Looking at the the little details to make certain your paper is a polished piece of writing that adheres to the writing conventions of MLA format.
    • Publishing- Last step is to publish. In our case, publishing means turning it in. Are you ready?

Let's Use the Rubric to Guide Our Final Revisions and Editing

WP 1 Rubric

Highlighting Exercise on Your Rhetorical Analysis

Week Six