Research and Information Literacy!

  • Let's look at the Assignment Description: See the sidebar
  • Let's Spend Some Brainstorming for history topics!
  • You are strongly encouraged to choose a topic/issue that comes after the American Revolution. This way the research and writing you do for these projects will help you prepare for your upcoming exams in History! It's a win win situation!
  • Timeline for for next week
    • Monday
      • We will have 1302 regular class with Topic Dating. Everyone will need to come to class with a list of 5 possibilities for topics.
      • In 0399, you will have time to work on portfolios.
    • Wednesday
      • In 1302, Preliminary Research and Narrowing the Scope of Your Investigation.
      • In 0399, we will be in the library.
    • Friday
      • In 1302 - Topic Marriage ---Primary Source Document
      • In 0399 - Midterm Portfolio Workshop


Week Six