Each of these student samples do at least one thing really nicely. Read them and see what you think about each one. What stands out as being pretty darn good and what could use some revision?

For the past 3-4 weeks, we’ve been working on a Rhetorical Analysis in my History class, over a primary source in ‘Contending Voices.’ It wasn’t a difficult subject, I was just caught off guard. In my high school, my teachers weren’t really strict when it came to essays, so as long as you turned in a few pages with words on them, that’s a 100. So, after just kicking back all summer and never even lifting a pencil, and am handed a 4-page essay in the first week, you could imagine what I was feeling. I was overworked (compared to high school), stressed beyond belief, and frustrated to the max. All I wanted was to finish this stupid essay, so I just did it all in one night. Turns out I was completely wrong, and had to get help and it all over again. I decided it was time to grow up, and try and be responsible so i started going to CASA, and office hours to get a better understanding. With the help of my teachers, I was finally able to finish my Rhetorical Analysis.

Before I took my first English class in college my thoughts on writing were completely different. I thought that some people were either a good or bad writer. Writing is actually taught and learned. And every writer has to go through the process of making mistakes in order to write a well-structured piece of writing. For example “shitty first drafts” by Anne Lamott proved to me that even the best of writers go through a series of mistakes in order to complete a good piece of writing. Anne Lamott gave me a reason to become a better writer and helped me as a writer because I had to go through a “shitty rough draft” myself in order to understand the things I did wrong. It’s better to fail than to not try at all. Another thing that helped me become a better writer was giving my reader a topic sentence at the beginning of every paragraph to tell the reader what he or she will read about. Topic sentences helped my essay become more clear. Also, I will have a better idea of ways to analyze a source and understand what I am reading in order to write on the certain topic.

A challenge I experience during writing is over thinking on a draft and how I should begin writing it. However during my writing process with this past first essay we recently did, I learned to accept that most first drafts aren’t very great nor do they reflect our skills as a writer, and they should serve as the starting point in the writing process to create that perfect paper we’re capable of writing. I feel more willing to write in new situations because I now understand that when it comes to first drafts you should be focused on getting your ideas down on paper, and don’t worry too much about whether it’s going to be a great piece or work or not.

As a college student I have faced some tough challenges on writing in new situations. The main challenge that I primarily faced as a writer is genuinely coming up strong ideas to put on paper that will help me write a clear rough draft. This challenge was difficult for me, because I over guess myself a lot about whether my Ideas that I think of, will connect to the specific piece of writing that I am writing about. It was also difficult, because I can never come up with good attention getter to hook the readers when they start reading my paper. This makes me always stare at the blank page for tremendous amount time. So in this case, this made me put more effort in improving my critical thinking when it comes to putting words on paper.

Likewise, the way that I overcame this challenge, was that I made writing an everyday priority. This made it easier for me to come up with ideas to put on paper, because if I write everyday it will my writing skill stronger. For example, from doing the writing into the day in class it allowed me to come up with ideas quicker, because writing everyday help me build my way of thinking. This writing into the day is a good an example of how my ideas connected with the topic of the writing. It also shows how writing everyday made a difference in my way of thinking and putting words on the paper quicker. https://docs.google.com/document/d/16pnABwhnzB8ZlkGq7ZKDRuGzQMI65rdHGAryhCwkVh0/edit. Last thing that I did to overcome my challenge, was that I went to the Writing Center to get help on how to make my ideas connect with the piece of writing. In fact, the consultants at the writing center provide me with good tools to use to make my writing flow better when it comes any paper. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxSTA1-9FLkBMXBZYTFhSmJwdjQ. With this said, I feel more willing to write in new challenging situations, because I am confident that writing has improved and will be suitable for new writing situations.