In NWWK, Section 2.6, Kevin Roozen writes about the way all texts, written and unwritten, are dependent on other texts for their content, meaning, and form.

Both your Final Portfolio in Learning Community B and your Essay for the Sociology Exam are great examples of texts relying on other texts!

  • Your Final Portfolio for Learning Community B will be dependent on the many different texts you created and encountered this semester in your classes:
    • drafts, journal entries, and reflections
    • tests and quizzes
    • readings in Sociology, Writing and Rhetoric, and Seminar
  • Your Essay for Sociology Exam is another good example of a text that relies on other texts:
    • "The Sociological Imagination" by Mills
    • The countless texts that have all contributed to the formation of the genre, "the essay exam."
  • Gender???
    • We can even think about your "gender" as an unwritten text!
    • What are some ways that your gender relies on other "texts"?
    • What are some things that you do to perform your gender?