The Rhetorical Situation Project

This project asks you to use rhetorical skills to work with and compose in different writing situations, each with a different audience, purpose, and genre. The idea here is to thoroughly consider each rhetorical situation and make informed, logical decisions about your writing based on purpose, the needs and expectations of audience, and the conventions and constraints of genre and context.

Rhetorical Situation - The Blog: Use the information you gathered from your research in the Research to Learn Project to compose, create, and publish a blog essay.

  • What is it that you want to say here?
  • How do you want this piece of writing to go out into the world and make something happen?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are some the most important features of blog writing?

Here is the Assignment Sheet for the Blog Post

Rhetorical Situation - First Year Symposium

  • This is a shared assignment in LCE, which means the grade you earn for the Tri-Fold Poster and your Individual Presentation will be counted in History, Composition, and Seminar.
  • Working with your group, you will create a poster presentation and an optional PowerPoint that showcases the research you have done on your historical topics.
  • We will use the key ideas from your History course as the basis for determining student groups. Key ideas include notions of citizenship; war; power and oppression; resistance and revolt; equality, liberty, and order; and how writing has made things happen.
  • Presentation Grading will take place on Nov. 15th and 17th
  • First Year Symposium is on December 1st.
    • You and your group will present before a live audience of your peers, faculty, staff, and community members on December 1st.

Group Presentations for First Year Symposium

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