The Writing Portfolio

During the semester, you will establish and maintain a collection of all your work, thinking, and learning in a digital portfolio. You should house and collect all documents that you generate in your writing processes, including the final drafts of the individual assignments. Essentially, this portfolio will be a testimony of your learning and engagement in 1302. Regularly during the semester, you will compose reflections that will help you to connect the writing, reading, and research you are doing with the learning goals for the course. You will also be asked to connect the writing, reading, and research you are doing to the broader world outside of our classroom. I will be checking your portfolio periodically to offer feedback and encouragement and to assess the portfolio for a grade. Everyone will need a Google drive account to house his or her portfolio.

In order to provide evidence about your learning and engagement (and to earn the best possible grade on your Writing Portfolio), you must be on time, come to class prepared, participate in all class activities, and remain in class for the entire period.

You are expected to come to class every day prepared, with the required materials, and with your homework completed. Your daily work grade will be determined by various activities and assignments, including but not limited to in-class writing assignments, peer review of drafts, group discussions, and presentations.

Here is the assignment description for the Midterm Portfolio Assessment and Reflective Overview