Remember --Facilitations (Round 2) are Up and Coming in Week 7!

  • This means that all the group members for each facilitation needs to meet with me outside of class to conference and to present a lesson plan for their activity sometime during week 6 (next week).
    • 8:30 Section Facilitation on Feb. 27th
      • Shanelle
      • Whitney
      • Alexandra
      • Hannah
    • 8:30 Section Facilitation on March 1st
      • Destiny Ceballos
      • Allyson Rios
      • Devin Conde
      • Ashley Zamora
    • 9:30 Section Facilitation
      • Hamilton
      • Hunter
      • A’Kyara
      • Adia

Activities and Learning Goals

Reflection on Your Political Science Test

  • Pair and Share --What did You do to Prepare for the Political Science Exam?
    • I attended class.
    • I took good notes.
    • I read the assigned chapters.
    • I completed all the MindTaps?.
    • I made use of Dr. Huerta's PowerPoints?.
    • I studied with friends.
    • I attended Supplementary Instruction.
    • I reread the chapters.
    • I rewrote my notes.
    • I prepared a detailed page of notes to bring with me to my exam.

You and your partner should prepare 2 statements about the POLS! It can be anything -- an observation on the content or the nature of the questions, your preparation, and the level of difficulty or trickiness.

Write these statements down!