• March 6th is a big day in Learning Community L --Here is what we have going on!
    • POLS Test
    • The Interpersonal Theory Analysis (Due START OF COM CLASS TIME ON MARCH 6th)
    • In Seminar, we have Career Services Scheduled to talk about Resume building (you will need this information to complete your Midterm Reflection.
  • If you would like help with your The Interpersonal Theory Analysis, you need to come see me during office hours. I can help with APA citation and general matters on writing. You need to be in charge of understanding your theory and applying it to two examples. Your last chance for help is on March 5th. Here is what you need to bring of a complete or nearly complete draft of your Analysis or be able to access it online.
  • The Midterm Reflection

Timed 5-Minute Speed Write

  • Explain the theory you have chosen for The Interpersonal Theory Analysis in one sentence!
  • Explain and describe the Face-to-Face Communication you plan on using.
  • Explain why you think this theory works well for this situatation?


Group 2A & B at 8:30

  • Destiny Ceballos
  • Allyson Rios
  • Devin Conde
  • Ashley Zamora
  • Shanelle
  • Whitney
  • Alexandra
  • Hannah

Group 2 at 9:30

  • Hamilton
  • Hunter
  • A’Kyara
  • Adia

Topics for the Individual Informative Presentation

Homework -- Proposal and Abstract for FYRC

Please bring a printed copy of your abstract and proposal to class on Thursday, March 8th!

Conference Proposal and Abstract for FYRC

To complete this assignment, you should use the SAME TOPIC and research that you are doing for the Individual Informative Presentation in Communications.

Later in the semester, TAMUCC offers freshmen students the opportunity to present their research at a bona fide academic research conference. This the First Year Research Conference. In order to be eligible to present, students must apply to the FYRC selection committee by submitting 2 short pieces of writing:

  • The Abstract
  • The Proposal

My assignment here for you is designed to provide the following:

  • to give you some practice with this kind of academic writing
  • to get you actively working on and thinking about your Individual Informative Presentation
  • to encourage you to think about submitting your work for consideration to the FYRC

Your Purpose for the Abstract

  • Your purpose is to sell your presentation as interesting and full of academic merit!
  • 50-word abstract for FYRC: The abstract should read like an advertisement for your presentation. If accepted, your abstract will be printed in the program. The program will help the audience decide which presentation they want to attend.

Purpose and audience are different for the Proposal: you want to convince the conference judges to accept your proposal because you are offering a sound academic argument based on evidence and logical thinking.

Proposal should make 5 basic moves!

  1. Begin with a strong, explicit statement about purpose --- The purpose of this proposal is .....
  2. Follow with 2 to 3 sentences of background information. This is where you cite academic sources from your research, using APA.
  3. Then add a sentence or so about the "so what" -- So what statements are about significance. Why this research or subject is important!
  4. Concluding statement comments on the findings of the study.
  5. Make certain to include a list of References at the end for sources cited in the proposal, using APA.

First Year Research Conference Proposal Sample1