Facilitations and Exam Prep

  • Here is the "skinny" on some things that I learned about the test prep from Dr. H.
    • Dr. Huerta makes his own exam questions. This means he does NOT rely on the Mind Tap quiz bank of questions.
    • Mind Tap quizzes serve the important function of giving you an incentive to read and engage with the readings so that you can come to Lecture with a basic understanding of the concepts and facts. (Oh yeah, there is that other important function --- that the Mind Tap quizzes helps you to amass points so that you get the best grade possible in POLS!)
    • Make certain you take good notes about the examples Dr. Huerta provides in Lecture!
    • Questions from the documentaries will focus on big picture ideas.
      • Did "A Place at the Table" present the argument that food insecurity in America was primarily localized in remote, rural areas in America?
      • What were some issues that were linked with food insecurity in "A Place at the Table"?
        • A. public health, education, and funding for social programs like food stamps
        • B. global warming, gun violence, and gentrification
        • C. federalism, socialism, and communism
  • Dr. Huerta allows you to create one 8 1/2 x 11 page of HANDWRITTEN NOTES for the exam. You can color-code it and write on the front and back! No typing or photocopied work is allowed!

Feedback on the First Round of Facilitation

  • Both sections did a nice job of creating an activity that was fun and encouraged group interaction and learning.
  • Both

What Theory did you choose for your upcoming assignment in Communications?


Study for Communication and good luck with your tests this week!