• Visitors for Thursday's Class
    • Dr. Huerta
      • The purpose of this visit is to give you some one-on-one time with your Large Lecture professor, Dr. Huerta. He is going to spend about 20 to 30 minutes of class time fielding questions from you about politics, the discipline of political science, course materials, and anything else you might wish to ask.
      • Working towards that Q & A sessions, you need to come with 2 questions for Dr. Huerta.
        • Question 1 -- should focus on something from his last couple of lectures.
        • Question 2 -- Wild Card! You can ask about anything you want (within reason, of course).
    • Security Folks
      • The purpose of this visit is to provide you some tips on how to stay safe in online environments. In particular, they are going to focus on email phishing scams.
      • What kind of precautions do you take to stay safe in online environments???

Notes Quiz

The learning goals for this activity:

  • To gain a better conceptual understanding of the materials Dr. Huerta covered on Feb. 15
  • To get more familiar with multiple choice tests
  • To use collaboration and "crowd-sourcing"
  • To get you thinking about what you need to alter or change or continue doing in your preparation for Exam 2 to get a better grade!

Working in 4 to 5 Groups -- you should answer the questions on the quiz. Since there are a lot of questions --- divide your group into subgroups and have each subgroup answer a portion of the questions. How you divide it up is up to you. Then reconvene as a whole group to share and check answers.

The Midterm Reflection Assignment Sheet!

Click on this link!