Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Monday Recap

  • Meetings & Greetings
  • Vocabulary List
    • affluent
    • advantageous
    • dispel
    • precipitous
    • pedagogy
    • phlebotomy
    • maxim
    • disadvantage or disadvantages
  • Syllabus

Today, we are going to do the following:

  • Work with active reading strategies!
  • Discuss the Sherman Alexie Reading
  • Consider how these reading strategies need to be modified or tweaked for the TSI.
    • Scary Vocabulary
  • Work with the textbook and your partners complete questions 1-13 for the TSI Practice Test 1.

  • Take a look at what a 350-500 word essay looks like with the Blah Essay
  • Making a Claim and providing 3 reasons


  • Using the worksheet/writing prompt on cell phone use we worked with today, create an essay of 350-500 words. This essay should be emailed to me by early tomorrow morning so that I can get them printed for class tomorrow.
  • Vocabulary Show & Tell -- Do some reading so that you encounter some new vocabulary! Create a list of 5 vocabulary words. Bring this list to class!