The main way you will provide evidence for your ideas in your paper is by citing other sources (primary and secondary) and by providing explanations and details.

Paragraph Example 1 --- Historical Context and Secondary Sources

     Harvey Wish, a historian who studies slave insurrections points out  that Gabriel’s Rebellion was planned by a young slave named Gabriel, who 

was “inspired by the examples of San Domingo and the emancipation of the ancient Israelites from Egypt” (311). The San Domingo revolt was a

successful uprising that freed slaves and led to the creation of Haiti as a modern state and because of its success, it sent a message of hope to

slaves all over the Western Hemisphere (“The San Domingo Revolution”). Just as Moses led the Israelites to their freedom in the Bible, Gabriel the

slave believed he could lead his fellow slaves to liberty in Virginia. He roused over a thousand slaves to take an oath to fight for their liberty

(Wish 311). The slaves planned to seize an arsenal and several buildings in Richmond and to slaughter hostile white people (Wish 311).