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''''+What Would Wooster Do?+''''

*Let's '''[[Chronology practice recap|note your knowledge]]...'''

*'+AND+' '''anticipate''' how Dr. Wooster will formulate Exam 1.

Remember the Exam is broken down as follows:

'''First 50 points:'''
Chronologies and Terms
*What are some possible chronologies included in your notes thus far?
*What are some terms from large lecture and your readings (''CV'' and ''Primary Source Documents on Blackboard'')?

'''Second 50 points:'''
*What themes have emerged thus far that could eventually be formulated into an exam essay?
**Consider this:
***How does Dr. Wooster present his argument in large lecture?
***What readings from ''Contending Voices'' and the Primary Sources does he assign to complement the lecture?
***What supplemental assignment corresponds with lecture themes?

'''Your last task of the day: READ, WRITE AND TALK ABOUT A TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE!'''

Your group will need to select a term/chronology topic from the envelope circulating around the room. Using your knowledge of the topic and your lecture notes, your group's task is to prepare a '''1 minute''' presentation on your topic of choice.

'''Ground Rules''': You MUST incorporate a visual so that your peers may learn or better understand the concept, and everyone in your group MUST speak!

!!! So, what was the purpose of this exercise?