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Class Plans

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Movies and Music:

  • Amadeus -- This 1984 film focuses on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his contemporary, Salieri. You would have to do some research to determine if there is any historical accuracy to this film. Whatever, it features some beautiful music from Mozart's work.
  • Once -- A 2007 drama/romance about an Irish busker and an immigrant in Dublin. The song, "Falling Slowly," won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2008!
  • The Piano - An 1993 drama set in New Zealand in the mid-19th century about a woman who composes music and has been sold into marriage! Gorgeous music!
  • O' Brother, Where Art Thou? - Coen Brothers film from 2000 that is set in the 30's. Great soundtrack that features "old-time music" -- folk songs, bluegrass, and the blues!
  • The Commitments -Musical Comedy Drama Film set in Dublin, Ireland!
  • Sweet and Lowdown -- 2000 film by Woody Allen. It is set in the 30's and the story centers on a jazz guitarist! Gorgeous soundtrack!


  • Have a Merry Christmas! Come visit in the Spring.
  • Now for some farewell music: Joseph Haydn / Symphony No. 45 in F-sharp minor"Farewell" (Mackerras)]]
  • Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
    • among the most important composers of the Classical era
    • “Papa” Haydn by virtue of his key role in introducing many forms and genres:
      • the working principles of “sonata form”
      • the conventions of such genres as the symphony, the sonata, and the string quartet.