• Awesome sauce - to everyone who has shown up to OFFICE HOURS for help and to show us your work! I know that takes a lot of COURAGE and CONVICTION!!!!!
  • Remember that on Friday, we will not have a face-to-face class on that day. In lieu of class, you will have a writing assignment over question 4 on your exam review guide from History. This assignment will be due on Sunday, 2/11, by midnight.
  • Your job is to write out a complete outline/essay response for the Exam Question 4!

Turn it in to Blackboard. Click on the Journal link. This assignment will be worth 10 points.

Writer's Workshop and Writing Into the Day

  • Please complete the following exercise for MLA and Signal Phrasing: Exercise
  • Here is a handy dandy outline for your Rhetorical Analysis
  • Please make certain that you are creating a Paper Trail of your drafting process for the Rhetorical Analysis. This means doing the prewriting exercises.
  • Work quietly with your peers on your rhetorical analyses. Bounce ideas off of each other and read each other's work. In other words, make your writing proof positive of the threshold concept that writing is a social activity!


  • Turn in your 1st Draft of your Rhetorical Analysis this evening by midnight!
    • Remember that ANY draft is better than no draft! The idea is to get enough of a draft down so that we can give you some legitimate feedback. Also, this first draft is worth 50 points!
    • You can submit multiple times.