Writing Into The Day

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Learning Objectives

  • Rhetorical Analysis and Rhetorical Situation
  • Threshold Concepts and Rhetoric Vocabulary
  • Metacognition and Thinking about Your Own Writing!

Look at Your Writing


  • Analyzing "Someone Waits for You at Home" by examining its rhetorical situation.
  • So, what are the key components of a rhetorical situation?
  • Introducing First Major Assignment -- The Rhetorical Analysis

Homework and Announcements

Read for Friday

  • "Life in Colonial Virginia: Richard Frethorne Describes Indentured Servitude (1623)"
  • I will provide hard copies for you! However, this document is posted in BB in your History course. You can get it there, too, in case your hard copy goes missing.


  • For class on Friday -- bring your Frethorne primary to class. Annotate the text by underlining, highlighting, and writing notes in the margins. Your annotation will provide some evidence that you engaged with this text. You will need this document to complete an in-class activity on Friday.

Read for Week 3 -- A Chapter in "CV'

  • Sections 240 at 9:00 and 242 at 10:00 will read Ch. 9 “Politics, Morality, and Race in the Abolitionist Crusade: William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass”
  • Sections 244 at 11:00 and 245 at 12:00 will read Ch. 6 - “Political Conflict in the Early Republic: Benjamin Franklin Bache and Alexander Hamilton”