Thinking Critically; Thinking analytically.

Does Cornel West have you pegged? Or does he have it wrong?

Let's Get the Morning Started with Brainstorming and Cornel!

(hint: here we are going to use some "active reading strategies")

Step 1 - Look at this piece of visual rhetoric and start a process of inquiry. That is, come up with 3 to 5 questions about this "text." (Write them down)

Step 2 - Activate your background knowledge by making some personal connections to the text. For instance, what are your personal connections to the following: young folks, addiction, superficial things, justice, truth, and love? (Write them down)

Step 3 - Start answering the questions you created in the inquiry process. (Write them down)

Step 4 - In general, do you agree with Cornel's claim. Why? Or do you find it problematic? If so, why?

Step 5 - create a visual representation of West's ideas on your paper.

The purpose of this activity is to work with the beginning step in a writing process, which starts with brainstorming. This brainstorming activity is also way to do some active reading.

Your 5 Paragraph Essays

Okay, yesterday, we spent the first part of class working, basically, doing some brainstorming or prewriting on the cell phone topic. This was done on the worksheet. We also had a good discussion about the topic.

Next, you folks went home and started drafting your essay!

Today, we are going to some revising, which is a very important part of the writing process.