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Grammar Fun, Grammar Quiz

  • They're, their, and there
  • Too, To, Two

Let's Look at How Your Writing is Going to be Evaluated and the TSI Writing Rubric (TSI Assessment Prep from UTSA)

Six Characteristics of Writing

  • Purpose and Focus The extent to which you present information in a unified and coherent manner, clearly addressing the issue.
  • Organization and Structure The extent to which you order and connect ideas.
  • Development and Support The extent to which you develop and support ideas.
  • Sentence Variety and Style The extent to which you craft sentences and paragraphs demonstrating control of vocabulary, voice and structure.
  • Mechanical Conventions The extent to which you express ideas using Standard Written English.
  • Critical Thinking The extent to which you communicate a point of view and demonstrate reasoned relationships among ideas.

Here is the language they use to describe an essay that receives a high score of an 8.

  • Effectively and insightfully develops a point of view on the issue
  • Addresses an appropriate audience and demonstrates a clear purpose for writing in the thesis statement
  • Demonstrates outstanding critical thinking, using effective examples, reasons, and other evidence to support its position
  • Is well organized and clearly focused, demonstrating clear coherence and smooth progression of ideas
  • Exhibits skillful use of language, using a varied, accurate, and apt vocabulary
  • Demonstrates varied and effective sentence structure
  • Is free of major errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation

In-Class Writing Using Blackboard with the Obstacle Prompt


Work on the Obstacle Essay Prompt and turn it in by Friday at midnight via email.