Working with the Obstacle Essay

The Naked Thesis Statement

Here is an example of what I am calling a "naked thesis": Any obstacle or disadvantage can be turned into something good.

It does the very basic work of a thesis statement by staking a stand and presenting a claim, but something is missing ...

This kind of thesis statement could be considered weak or "naked" for the following reasons:

  • It merely copies the language of the prompt, and it does not add any of your thinking and ideas to the mix.
  • It does not provide enough information about "how" or "why" or "in what circumstances" can an obstacle be turned into something good.
  • It is too broad in scope. Focus here on the word "Any" obstacle, which covers all obstacles. That's a lot of territory to cover.

Let's Dress up this Thesis Statement

  • Narrow the scope of your claim
  • Provide a "how" and/or a "why" and "in what circumstances."
  • Most obstacles can be turned into something good if you adopt a proper mental outlook and attitude when facing adversity.