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'''This album cover and its composer, Don Shirley, are featured in a new movie called ''The Green Book''. I went to go see it this past Sunday! It was good -- entertaining, funny, and thought-provoking. Who was the composer that Dr. Pool mentioned last Friday created an opera based on Orpheus???'''


%green%'''One way to be an active participant here at TAMUCC is to help the University gather data about its courses. You can do this easily by taking a few minutes to fill out your course evaluations and the First Year Learning Community Survey!'''

*'''Course Evaluations'''
*'''First Year Learning Community Program Survey'''

%green%'''Music 1306 with Dr. Pool - Looking at the End of the Semester'''


*'''Your next reading assessment will open Monday, 11/26 and be due Sunday December 2; see syllabus weeks 11-14'''
*'''December 5 is our last lecture class'''
*%red%'''Your final exam will open December 7 and will be due December 13 at 5:00PM; see syllabus weeks 11-14'''
*'''It is possible there may be another YouTube assignment and/or quizzes.'''
*%red%'''Understand we WILL achieve 1000 points for the semester, so the grade scale is intact from the original syllabus.'''

'''The final concert of the semester by the music department will be November 30. Plan accordingly.'''