• Registration is fast approaching! Have you done the following?
    • Identified whether or not you have holds on your account that are going to prevent you from registering?
    • Taken care of the holds so that you are HOLDS FREE!
    • Met with your Academic Advisor and consulted your degree planner
    • Developed a couple of different possible schedules for next semester with CRNs?
    • Installed Duo authentication on your phone
    • Actively monitored your learning and coursework so that you make the best possible grade at the end of the semester!

Class Plans

  • Library Feedback??
    • What did you learn about the library's resources and the activity of research?
  • Group Presentations

Here are 3 Assignments designed to prepare you for your Presentations

  • Research Table
  • Powerpoint Template
  • Group Conferences -- each group needs to meet with me once before your presentation date. This meeting is worth 40 points for each group member. Groups should come prepared and ready to discuss their research and presentations!